Asheboro Creative's WebTRUNK

Hello! Welcome to our box of stuff. WebTRUNK is a toolkit and notes repo of code we run often or tools we find ourselves using on a daily basis. We've made it available to the public because we believe it may help others out there, specifically those who are less familiar with things like WP-CLI or those who are tired of searching the web for log locations and installation instructions for common webserver software.

For those who are wondering, this site is hosted by A2 Hosting on the Turbo Platform. It is built on HTML5, CSS3, PHP, jQuery, and lots of annoyance for repetitive typing.

A2 Hosting

Getting the stuff....

We fixed a couple weird responsive issues in web forms that had previously been overlooked. There has also been a "waiting" message added to the pop-up modal when the form is taking a moment to display. This usually only happens when the caching hasn't kicked in or is being refreshed.

More Updates - 12/6

We've made a few changes to the responsive version so the buttons no longer stick out humongously. A few other display bugs have been fixed.

Additionally, we've included more basic Linux commands, such as moving, copying, and removing files and directories, setting permissions and ownership, and finding out where you are. Memcached instructions have also been updated to include both Memcached and the Memcached PHP extension.

Updates and Stuff - 11/something

Lots of updates have been added. This includes various fixes and improvements for things. Here is a short list of some of what has been changed:

  • Added more error messages to the CLI generators so you know when something isn't filled in correctly.
  • Remembered that the word "start" does not mean "stop", and as such have updated the MySQL stop commands.
  • Theme and Plugin install/activate now has a third option to just activate. So it's now Install, activate, or install and activate.
  • Grep the Domlog generator no longer insists on a string. You can now search just a date if needed.
  • Fixed some broken links.
  • Fixed the order of arguments on a few WP-CLI Generator options that were wrongly organized.
Next on the list of things to do is to make this site a bit more responsive. Right now, it's too big for phones. Like, seriously it looks ridiculous.